We believe that innovation should be an ongoing, structured and highly disciplined practice with only one goal: to accelerate reliable & sustainable growth. Innovation therefore cannot just be interesting; it actually has to deliver – for the business and for customers. This requires full focus on the discovery of real customer needs, to create based on facts and to be able to act and deliver fast.


“Success is more likely to result from the systematic
pursuit of opportunities than from a flash of genius.”

– Peter Drucker

We agree.

We therefore developed a rigorous methodology on how to create, deliver and capture value – based on a unique combination of consulting-, research- and implementation skills and creativity.

In short: we analyze like a strategy firm, create and develop like a design firm and operate like a start-up. In one, well-integrated flow, we challenge the status quo in your markets, help you acquire real understanding of all the various market drivers and develop imaginative and novel solutions, while deeply involving your business, your ecosystem and your (future) customers. That’s how we make reliable, sustainable growth real.

And we even have a name for it … Profitable Creativity.


Our blend of strategy, research and creativity help our clients to find the right differentiated, user-centered new solutions. With the following services our ‘Innovation Made Real’ practice brings you the innovations that boosts top line growth.

Know where you’re heading

Fact based business context research

Test it to the bottom

User centered prototyping

Learn what to bring for the future

Outside-in ideation

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit!

Innovation culture

Experience what works

User centered feasibility studies

Make it

Implementation & execution support

Our case studies