Grid Operator Stedin:
Aiming for a more innovative and entrepreneurial attitude

“An extremely inspiring event, thanks to the energy of young innovators Sander, Sietse and Denny. And of course the subtle nudges of Guido and Frans. This tastes like so much more!”
Michiel de Rooij, sr. proces manager Stedin

Dutch grid operator Stedin wants to play a meaningful part in the energy transition, by facilitating new sustainable energy solutions. Innovation is key in the transformation that Stedin envisions. This means a constant flow of new ideas is needed and another, more entrepreneurial attitude of employees to actually realize innovations.

A team of VANBLEND’s Young Innovators formed the core of an event primarily aimed at gaining enthusiasm under staff members for Open Innovation and outside-in thinking. Some 60 staff members attended and set their creativity free. By actually getting to work on business challenges with our industrial and product designers, the right combination is delivered of unbiased, new views and professional problem solving skills. This is disruptive in a positive, constructive sense and gives new energy for growth.

We worked on outside-the-box ideation on the themes:

  • Influencing customer behavior
  • energy storage
  • Internet of Things