Design for Humanity – The Refugee Hackathon

rsz_refugeesVANBLEND initiated and organized Design for Humanity – The Refugee Hackathon, probably the largest ‘live’ Design Thinking event of Dutch Design Week 2015. With some 100 designers (industrial, product, social, services, applied arts), assisted by the experience of refugees, senior designers, researchers and administrators, we worked to find fitting, practical and sustainable answers for the many challenges of the refugee crisis.

Powered by an extremely high energy level, some 200 extraordinary, outside-the-box and for the greater part feasible concepts were developed. Currently we are working to get a range of these smart concepts to the next phase: prototyping and realisation.

More info? See Insight or watch this video:

Design for Humanity 2015 – The Refugee Hackathon from VANBLEND on Vimeo.